Welcome to Wellsprings Chapel

If you have never been to Wellsprings Chapel, or perhaps you came a long time ago, you may wonder what kind of church we are and what we do. These pages give details about Who we are, Where we are, What we believe and details of the many activities on offer (see below). There’s a calendar too that you can view on line or download to a smart phone.

Wellsprings is a family church, with people aged 0 – 100, male and female, single and married, as you can see from the photograph above, taken outside our building. We all meet together at 10.30am on a Sunday morning to praise God and learn more about Him. Anyone is welcome to attend – whether you are already a Christian or you have not yet made that decision. Whatever you believe, you will be very welcome. There are activities for children too, called Kidz Connect.

The overall style of our services is informal. There is no dress code. Some come smart, some come casual. Come however you feel comfortable. There is nothing special you need to know before you come to a service and there is no pressure to take part in anything you are not comfortable with.

There is lots going on during the week too (see Midweek) and Wellsprings is at the heart of the community, running lots of activities and events for the local people (see Community events).

There are activities for:

There is also the opportunity to find out more about Jesus Christ and what it means to have a relationship with him – ask about one of our Discovery Groups.

Leave a reply if you want to find out more.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Wellsprings Chapel

  1. i was so pleased when i first came to your church, i have never looked back on the welcome and warmth i received when i turned up to meet you. for the first time i was totally surprised when you accepted me for who i am and not what i am, as you know i am a post op transsexual living in a womens role which i have been doing for three years. i would also like to thank you for praying with me when we last met, it has brought me forward in to thinking more about our lord jesus and heavenly father. once again many thanks for your support that you have shown and given me GOD BLESS

    crystal louise

    • Dear Crystal

      Thank you for your posting. It is good to hear that you feel welcomed and accepted at Wellsprings Chapel. We have a loving God who is dying to show us His love, grace and forgiveness. I pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to you as you think more about our Lord Jesus and our heavenly Father.

  2. I would like to find out whether there are opportunities to volunteer with the Open Door project please.

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